Artist in Residence

The Artist In Residence program gives the public a personal experience with opera by putting on free informational performances (informances). The informances feature a Houston Grand Opera Studio singer and an accompanist performing classical selections, talking about their backgrounds and the HGO Studio, and answering questions from the audience. A Houston Grand Opera Guild volunteer is present to introduce the HGO Studio performers, explain who the HGO Guild is, and talk a little about what we do.

Any group of people with a desire to learn about opera can request an informance. If you are a teacher, a club officer or an activities director, the Artist In Residence program offers you an opportunity to bring in a wonderful free program to entertain your group or class and acquaint them with a marvelous art form. By sponsoring an informance for your group, you give people a chance to be exposed to opera in a unique and personal way. You may even inspire a young person to pursue a career as an opera singer or accompanist.

Informance attendees receive education about opera, opportunities to attend opera performances, information about the HGO Studio program and what it takes to become an opera singer. As an HGO Guild volunteer assisting at an informance, you help spread the word about opera and educate people about this wonderful art form.

You can participate in this program by requesting an informance for your group's meeting or by volunteering to attend an informance as an HGO Guild representative.

For more information about the Artist in Residence program, please contact Betty Winters at